Nepal Update – Tomorrow is looking good America!

Good morning from Nepal! This morning, Yolanda said something and I referred back a conversation Jesus had with the disciples. She said, “now today is Monday and it is still Sunday night back home.” Simple enough, but I thought of Matthew 6:34 that says…
34 “So don ‘t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
When God tells us not to worry about tomorrow, He isn’t saying it because he lives in the same “time zone” that we are in. Many times we forget that God is already in tomorrow (as we are in Nepal and you are in America) and can see what is coming.
So I can tell you that your tomorrow is going to be great. 🙂 haha
Notice too that the scripture does not say there will be NO trouble in tomorrow, but only to rely and trust in His provision, as stated in the verses previous to 34. Worry is something that can affect everyone and anyone. I remember when I was going through my physical stuff and I would worry so much about tomorrow that I would allow the devil to steal the joy of my today. We are either listening to God and the authority of his Word or our finite flesh with all its trappings. Choose today to keep your eyes on your today combined with your mind on God’s Word. A winning combination that will ensure you have the kind of tomorrow that God desires for you; one that is trusting wholly in Him.

Today we leave for the Nepal/Tibet boarder to do more dental and eyeglass ministry. Not sure how much Internet connection we will have up there but will do updates when we can. Again, thanks for praying and blessings!