Vitamins, Fasting and Your Life

I love Saturdays because I get to read and today was pretty cool because I had a revelation from a small line I read in a book on my Kindle.  It was talking about a vitamin called B2+ found in a certain type of food and if it was good for you or not and it had a side remark about what a true Vitamin is; it must be something that is essential to a healthy life.  I don’t know why that short statement struck me but it did.  I thought about my walk with God and what would I consider “vitamins” in my relationship with Jesus and what are things that are not essential?  I also considered all the “things” I have in life, such as regular TV programs DVR’d and ready to watch, a passion for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team, a love for technology (including my iPhone and Apple products), etc.  You know…just stuff.  I really want the coming fast that I will be starting with my church tomorrow for 21 days to be a time of evaluating what things in my life are “vitamins”, things that are OK for me but not essential, and things that are not good for me and are just time wasters.  I truly believe that we need to be mindful of what we physically put in our bodies that are essential for life but also the things that consume our lives and if they have a “vitamin” quality to them or if they are just things that need to be discarded for the good of the whole emotionally and/or physically.  I can say that fasting is one of my LEAST favorite disciplines as a Christian but know that it is something that needs to happen in my life and really in the life of every believer.  I believe it is a time of evaluating the “vitamins” (or lack of) in your life and if you are as healthy as you think you are.  I want to challenge you to really spend time in 2011 taking deliberate pauses to evaluate your life and see just how healthy or unhealthy you really are.  To me, regular evaluation of your life is a “vitamin” in itself and critically essential for living the life that you will be proud of this year.