I was watching the Olympic trials tonight and thought of something interesting that was a great life lesson. The time trials for Track and Field were on and I thought that the runners made their running look so effortless. It was like they got up that morning, stopped by Burger King to get a croissant and rolled onto the field and ran their race. Some of them were not even breathing hard. I can remember not too long ago when I would get winded just running up the stairs in my house. 🙂 I compared that to when you see people that have their life together and you think, “wow, I wish my life would be that easy.” You dont know the effort that goes into that person’s life just like I didnt know the effort that goes into those runners and their ability to run like that. A vibrant, world changing relationship with God takes effort and has lots of ups and downs. Just like in running, if you dont feel the burn to work your muscles, heart and lungs you will not make the Olympics. For some reason, we think that a relationship with God should come easy and when we go through something in life we blame God for not making it easy for us. The training of the Lord for us to have a full and successful life has some of the same “pains” as an olympic runner, but just in a different form.

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