There is only one place on earth I go the EXACT speed limit and that it in East Helena next to where i grew up.  It is such a small town that all they have to do is sit on that dang road and pass out speeding tickets.  Driving back to Helena this past weekend I had to drive through “the speed zone” (not “speeding zone”) and thought about all the tickets I had seen passed out through the years in that little stretch of road.  I am not kidding that I go exactly 45 miles per hour whenever I drive that stretch of road.  It funny to see people with out of town license plates speeding by and you think, “oh this should be good”.  As I drove it this time I thought about why it strikes such fear in the hearts of those who pass that way and its because the cops there believe that if the speed is posted at 45 then you better go 45.  Even if they are not there, you know that there is a chance you could get a ticket if you speed and that is enough to keep people from going fast.  When you know that God has told you something is wrong in your life and continue to do it, dont get mad at him for the consequences of your actions.  He has posted “a speed limit sign” for us to read called the Bible and its a great place to find out what the “speed limit” is for your life and how you can have true happiness in everything you do.  It is not a bad thing to have a fear OF the Lord, its just not good to have a fear FOR the Lord.  One is based on reverence and the other is based on igonrance.  God wants us to be “safe” along the roadway of life and he has given us the tools to navigate this crazy road so that we can live life to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “the only place on earth I go the EXACT speed limit

  1. ooo….good one! Yah know we just did the roadtrip thing too and I don’t think I went the limit even once……but we didn’t drive through Helena either! 🙂

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