So, I am giving myself a grade from my little experiment a few days ago.  It is a C-.  I didnt fail because at least i tried to talk less, but it was dang hard.  I had 2 meetings that I have a part of and i probably said too much in each.  I think the key with not talkng is to ask yourself if you are listening.  If you are just not talking then you are half way to learning an important lesson in life; if you can learn to listen to others then you can be a better communicator. Talking is easy.  Anyone can learn to be a great speaker and have lots of charisma and motivate people to be the best that they can be.  It takes a whole other level of greatness to be a great listener with people and also with God.  Listening does a few things; it honors the person you are listening to, it helps take the selfishness out of conversations and positions you to win by not saying something stupid and recting to a situation.  I learned that my natural bend is to talk, but I want to learn to do as much listening in my world as I do talking.

3 thoughts on “my grade for my experiment…

  1. There is a rule in the business world on how to connect with your clients:

    Spend 75% listening and 20% thinking about what you heard and 5% of the time talking

  2. Awesome Brian. I’m sure this was really hard, but good insights! Greg is a lot better than I am and sometimes I even compensate for his not saying much because I am awkward with silence, but I’m getting better 🙂

  3. I appreciated your words of wisdom last night.

    This is something i let beat me. I need to learn to listen.

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