Day two of my personal evaluation was much more uneventful than yesterday but still good. I did, however, find out that I dont have so much of a problem talking too much on a casual basis but when I get in a meeting I definitely talk more than I need to. I was in a meeting today with two of my supervisors and was starting to answer questions before they were done talking. This is something that I want to really work on this week and find ways to keep my tongue under control. I know I need times like this to really evaluate where I am and where I need to go with my interaction with people. If you think about it, everything about our lives has to do with communication and relationships. On to day three…

One thought on “day two test evaluation…

  1. Two things I am bad at with communication: poor eye contact… I, for some reason, as socialable as I tend to be, am HORRIBLE with eye contact…I don’t know if it’s a trust issue or what. 2nd: I will do things while in a conversation, like if someone is talking to me, I’ll go about doing something, mess with my phone or something, when I should be giving full attention to the person,,… or if someone walks up to talk to me, I’ll keep walking, when I should probably stop… I want to talk, but I want to be moving or doing at the same time… weird!

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