I can remember a time not long ago when I had lost the fun in my life.  I was depressed, thought I had it worse than anyone else and really didnt want to have any contact socially with people.  When you are sick or going through crap in your life that is one of the byproducts.  I was being my “old goofy self” the other day and Yolanda said that she thought i was high…i told her I was “high on life and high on her!”  I think that having fun in life is paramount to our emotional health.  Not just going and doing fun things (although I think its fun to go to Alaska in June 🙂 but really having an attitude that says “I am going to make the most out of today.”  Your perspective changes and you are more of a joy to be around.  If you look at the happiest and more fulfilled people in life (not just Christian’s) they are ones who, in some way during their week, are giving to others and have a joyful attitude of seeing someone else changed by their positive attitude.  The cool thing about loving Jesus is that I not only have joy to share that makes people feel good in this life but a hope of spending eternity with God forever.  If you don’t really have a relationship with Jesus I encourage you to find a greater fun and joy than you have ever known.  I know that i would have NEVER made it through the crap of my life without Jesus and the church body of friends at ORCC.  If you are going through something in life that seems insurmountable then my advise to you is to try even harder each day to find one thing positive so that you dont lose your joy.  Remember, God said that life is about seasons and we are promised to go through them.  We dont live in a “spiritual Florida” where there is pretty much one season of hot.  🙂  Joy is the key to unlocking a great life.  You can have it but its a decision and not a condition.  Think about it.

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