We are entering our 21 days of prayer and fasting today leading up to Easter and I went on a walk today to pray and just seek God for what he wants me to do during these 21 days. I think I have a plan pretty much about what I want to do because this is the first time in about 5 years that I have been able to fast because of my former health issues. I am pretty excited and looking for God to do some great things for me but also for our church. The world has never needed the church and the power of the Holy Spirit more than ever in history possibly. I really believe we are at a crossroads as a country in the things we believe and just our general spiritual direction.
Ok, here is the whopper…I really feel like God wants me to pray specifically each day of the fast for people with terminal or chronic illness. These are the kinds of prayers that remind you of just how much you need to rely on God and his power working through you because just about everything in the physical realm says that things are not going to change. I am even believing for total restoration of my left eye and my vision also completely restored. When I was really sick all I wanted was to not lose my eye even if I had to be on drugs (some really powerful and crappy stuff) for the rest of my life. I am off all my drugs but now I want more not just for myself but for people that I have talked to that need healing. I am happy with whatever decision God has for my health and not giving me my vision and restored eye, but I really feel like I need to ask. I am not saying that I dont have faith to be healed, but that I have faith in my God that as long as I ask he will listen and do whats best for me. Chronic pain or sickness is something that we learn to “manage” in life instead of asking God to take it away many times. I am praying for people who I know need a touch from God and believing that God will have his way in all situations. I will still be doing Tuesday’s Facebook friend prayer day, but I am going to be using lunches for the next 3 weeks to really press in for people that need to not just hang on one more day but I believe its time to see a miracle in their situation. Send me requests to my message inbox http://profile.to/brianrmorris and I will be lifting you up for the next 3 weeks!!

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