I was up early today for a walk around the first town I pastored when i got into ministry; Worland Wyoming.  I have really been in prayer a lot since getting here on Thursday specifically for the churches in the town to really see the lost and not just thier own agendas.  This is a town of only 4,900 people but with over 35 churches.  That was causing me to think about the potential for all of those bodies of Christ coming together and really working on seeing the lost saved in an amazing way.  I was reading Watchman Nee who had amazing insite into what God was doing in the lives of people including his own.  The funny thing is that most of his works occured while he was locked up in prison and under heavy persecution.  I like reading his thoughts because they are backed up by scripture and very thought provoking.  As I was reading this morning, I was thinking about how arrogant I was to think that my church here in Worland was the only one reaching people for Christ.  I am not saying that we were not, because we were, but I feel like with the things I have gone through with my eye and just getting older, I understand more fully the work of Jesus in the lives of all believers.  It has also been good to be around one of my best friends here in Wyoming and hear his heart and what God is doing through him to affect his congregation for Christ.  I still believe that a church needs to have only the Bible as its source of direction, but that God is big enough to place all different types of people in different kinds of churches.  I know about the convictions I have for Christ, but I want the outcome of those decisions to be attractive to all people that watch Yolanda and me.  I pray that God continues to open my mind up to not only going deeper in my walk with him, but also for my heart for the lost to continue to increase as well.  As I walk the streets of Worland, let me carry that same attitude of seeing the lost saved to Denver when I return home.

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