Well there is no time like the present to get my blog going again. Its Easter weekend and I am struck by the importance of this weekend more than ever in my relationship with Jesus. What an amazing time to reflect on the sacrifice and total power over death with the celebration of Easter. I want to encourage you to really take some time this weekend and seek God for what He has for you. This is not to “give him a list of things you need from him” but to ask Him what he has for you for the rest of 2010. As a pastor I am always inundated with people seeking to get as much as they can from God and give as little as necessary. I have talked about this before but I really believe that when we seek God for what he wants to give us instead of what we can get from him it will change our perspective on life. When Jesus died on a cross, which is the celebration of Good Friday, and came back from the dead on Easter Sunday he gave us everything we need in eternity and in this life. He gave us a reason for getting up in the morning and living a life that can change the world around us. I want to honor the sacrifice he made with living a life that people will want to emulate. None of us are perfect but we have the ability to have the perfection of Christ operating inside of us if we will only ask to be in control of our lives. Have a great Easter weekend and never forget that this weekend is not about a fluffy hopping easter bunny or candy or lunch after a religious time together on Sunday. Its about the sacrifice Christ made for all of us and the example that we need to follow which is to die to self and let Christ shine BRIGHT through us.

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