Well i broke the first “tech commandment” of mine and bought a first generation iPad. I am actually typing this blog on it right now in fact. My wife and I talked about it and we felt like we didn’t need to wait for the next generation iPad coming out in the next few months and had Christmas money that we had a saved. I have had a Kindle for almost a year and really loved it. Now you would think that because i now have the mighty iPad that i would sell my Kindle but you would be mistaken. I am going to keep both my Kindle and iPad and here are the reasons why.

1. Battery life while reading books on the Kindle
Even though the battery life on my iPad is really great it cannot keep up with my Kindle. I can get almost three weeks of battery life out of my Kindle where i get about 10 hours out of my iPad.

2. Reading books on the Kindle is not stressful on the eyes
If I read a lot i can tell when my eyes get stressed on the iPad but on the Kindle i can read for hours. It really is like reading a newspaper with the technology it has. I like having the ability to use my iPad for games and typing things (like this blog) and my Kindle for reading books.

3. My Kindle is much smaller and lighter than the iPad for holding with one hand
After using the iPad i can tell that to hold it a lot with one hand for any length of time
would be just about impossible. I love the portability of the Kindle especially with the long flights that my wife and i take to Nepal at least once a year. The profile is nice and small on the Kindle but the screen is large enough to read and there are many font options as well.

4. I am sharing my iPad with my wife
This may sound funny, but this is the first piece of technology that i am sharing with her. Not saying that is a bad thing, just a change of what i am used to. It is nice to have my Kindle if I want to read a book and my wife can. Use the iPad. I am actually proud of her for how far she has come with not only being able to use technology but really enjoying it as well.

These are just a few reasons why i am keeping my Kindle and everyone knows how awesome the iPad is now and the iPad 2 in a few months is going to be. I really feel like this was a good purchase and that i will not regret breaking the “tech commandment” of not buying a first generation of anything.

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