Greetings from Nepal!!

We had a great day yesterday doing dental work along with handing out some eye glasses. Our kids did awesome considering the fact that they had never seen a dentist before in their entire lives. I know for me it is always an “interesting” experience when I go to the dentist back in the states (and I don’t mean it is enjoyable – haha) Today we are doing dental and glasses for a school in the area and then packing up to get ready to head to the Nepal / Tibet boarder for help in the village there. God is doing great things and thanks for continuing to pray!!

This morning I was reading in 1 Samuel 7 where Samuel was talking to the people of Israel about requirements for following God and dealing with idols in their lives. This is what it says;
1 Samuel 7:3-4
3 Samuel spoke to the whole community of Israel. He said, “Do you really want to return to the LORD with all your hearts? If you do, get rid of your strange gods. Get rid of your statues of goddesses that are named after Ashtoreth. Commit yourselves to the LORD. Serve him only. Then he will save you from the powerful hand of the Philistines.”
4 So the people of Israel PUT AWAY their statues of gods that were named after Baal. They PUT AWAY their statues of goddesses named after Ashtoreth. They served the LORD only.

Are you PUTTING AWAY your idols that you put in front of God or DESTROYING them? Those are two different foundations to serve God from. In verse 4, it says they served the LORD only.
We can still be serving God today but have idols that we have not destroyed or hidden for when we want to honor our flesh and not God. When you get rid of something you are saying that you don’t want to rely on it anymore. When you “put away” an idol you are essentially saying, “God you are awesome…but if this thing goes crooked with following you then I have a back up plan”. Right now in Nepal is one of the big Hindu festivals and there are plenty of physical “idols” around town that people are worshipping and sacrificing to. In America, it is much more subtle but still as deadly. Don’t mistake the difference with putting something away in your life and destroying it. God is worthy to be praised, followed and honored in all circumstances and will take care of those who destroy everything else in their life that can bring a false sense of security, which is the primary definition of an idol.

One thought on “Nepal Orphanage update! First day of our clinic

  1. Brian, what a wonderful thing to do for those precious children! You can see genuine joy in their faces in every picture. People should not waste time on idols when their efforts can go to doing Godly work as you and your group are doing. I wish you all well and await your stories of love and happiness on your trip. God be with you every step of the way. Blessings my friend.


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