Today I was thinking about Pastor Wally Hickey and the legacy he leaves on this earth.  So many people from so many countries around the world will feel his passing.  I truly believe that when we are born and start our lives that we strive to be a world changer.  Someone who will be remembered for something great and leave a lasting mark on this world. The interesting thing for Pastor Wally was that he only wanted to be known because of Jesus inside of him.  Not for the glory or the fame, but if he had those things, he would turn it back to God.  I have only been at Orchard Road for a little over twelve years and many people here have known Wally for much longer than I have.  I didn’t have to know him for his whole life to see who he was.  When you would ask someone about Wally, you would only hear about Jesus’ love shown through his actions.  Whether it was through his singing worship, rhyming in prophetic words, favorite sayings, his “Dear Ones” in the bulletin, loving his kids Michael and Sarah or supporting his world evangelist wife, you saw how Jesus would handle the situation.  Pastor Wally was not perfect, as none of us are.  But he consistently and frequently consulted God on all decisions which is why so many people can say, “that man touched my life.” His life is an example of staying faithful to the things that matter most in life; to God, to the vision God gave him, to his wife and to himself.
If you knew Pastor Wally, I ask you to think about how you are going to allow his legacy to live on in your life. I know that I want people to not say some day when I am gone that I was tall, funny or other irrelevant things.  I want them to say I was a lover of God, my wife, my family and the people he put in my path. Not that I am perfect, but I serve a perfect God who, when I let shine through me as Wally did, can have a sheen of perfection because of Jesus in me.  Let Jesus love shine through you too. It would put that slight smile on Pastor Wally’s face and make him happy, which is just like Jesus.

One thought on “Pastor Wally was Just Like Jesus

  1. This article was well put, I went to Orchard Road for 13 years and worked at the Ministry. Pastor Wally prayed over his employees, he always read rag man every Christmas. Pastor Wally will be missed and the memory of him will be in my heart forever.

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