Yesterday we had a full day of shopping for the kids for a years worth of supplies and then went to look at land to possibly purchase and build a compound a few miles outside the city. Everything in the city is expensive and it would be wise to invest in our own land and buildings that we know are safe and for all of our kids to be in the same area versus spread out in houses around town. We are praying about the timing and funds for such a huge transition.

When I go to foreign countries I always go to grocery stores and try to find funny English names on products that don’t match or are misused. I saw some soap today that said “whitening” soap. I had to think for a minute what whitening soap was and figured it out to my disgust. 

Most products here in Nepal are from India which has a Cast system that basically deems people with lighter skin of a higher class in society. The “whitening” soap is a sales ploy for people of darker skin to think that if they wash with this soap it will make their skin lighter so they would look more like a Brahmin class person. 

It is ridiculous to try and be someone you are not to be treated better in society. When we realize that we are the full righteousness in Christ and he created us just the way we are for a reason then we will begin to live with a focus on loving others because we love ourselves. 

Have a great day!!

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