I did a run and pray last night on the walking mall in Helena around the area I am going to sell my book. I felt like God gave me an amazing revelation about the Last Chance Gulch actually being the SECOND Chance Gulch. The naming of the area was based on the prospectors who came to Montana with the mentality that it was “get the gold or bust” and the “last chance” to strike it rich. God showed me that people in Helena and the surrounding areas need to know that they can have a “SECOND chance” at life and being free from the shame, hurt and guilt of situations and issues in their lives through what Jesus offers. 

One of the BIGGEST reasons why I wrote “Holy Crap” was to provide a possible door to get people from where they are in pain to an understanding that God wants to help give them a “second chance”, and with God’s help, to be able to walk through those struggles. There are also people who once had a relationship with Jesus and felt like they have done too many things to not warrant His love. God is ALL about second chances and helping people realize that no matter where they are in life that they can turn to him and find love and acceptance.

As I have said before, I am not the end all when it comes to knowing about pain in life. But I can say that I have had enough challenges physically to want what I went through to make a difference in the lives of people I come in contact with on my life journey. 

So I know that I am here today to provide the hope of a second chance to people in Helena and it is no coincidence that I am interacting with people in the heart of the Last Chance Gulch to help them find their SECOND CHANCE.

Have a great day and please say a prayer for me if you think about the book that it will be a start to healing and help for people who desperately need it!

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