I do want my life to matter to others, but I dont want it to always be about my eye problems that I have gone through the past four and a half years.  Although this has a been a life-defining event to me, if I am not finding a fresh relationship with Jesus (notice I didnt say God?  There are lots of Gods but only one Jesus) then I dont have anything to offer people around me.  I downloaded the newest picture from the last mars explorer and put it on my desktop to remind me to seek new frontiers with Jesus and not get content to stay in “my world”.

2 thoughts on “the picture of mars

  1. Ahhh, you’ve been sucked into WordPress!! Good to see you here! I’m really liking the site! Good start too! KUDOS!

    I’m over Myspace, but i keep it cause I have people that use myspace ONLY (grrr). Facebook is my cup of Joe and it rocketh!

    check out my blog at:



  2. i know how that is…my life gets drab, if im not trying to get to some new level of something with Jesus. good post

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