I just watched “hoody” tonight. That is “Hoosiers” and “Rudy”, probably two of my favorite sports movies. I was watching Hoosiers on regular TV and I am now watching Rudy on a DVD. As I was watching these two fine shows I was thinking to myself, why do we like movies like that? I came to the conclusion that we like to watch those kinds of movies because they make us feel good and let us see underdogs fight hard and win in the end. Then I thought about my walk with God and what Jesus has done for me; he makes me feel good when Im down (like hoosiers), he tells me that if I work hard and seek after him i will find him (like rudy making the team) and there are always going to be people in our lives that tell us we cant do it (like all the people who told Rudy that he couldn’t make the team). So, I realized that I love Jesus more than those two movies but they sure are good examples of why I love him so much. Don’t get caught “worshipping” things that are only make believe.

2 thoughts on “I just watched “hoody” tonight…

  1. you know, i’ve never seen either of those films… and I study film… sad huh! :/

    Stephen Tea

  2. I love Rudy! I always cried at the end, with out fail. As a kid i memorized the speech that rudy imitates in the locker room “we’re goin’ inside and we’re goin’ outside…” i think I could still say most of it, actually. i use to say it to my volleyball team before games in high school. One might say I was the Team Encourager, the Team Pumper-uper. I just love Rudy.

    btw-you are blogrolled my friend.

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