Yolanda and I were talking about this the other night.  I dont think that the earthly realm realizes just how much the devil uses fear to his advantage.  I am not trying to give the devil praise, but I am saying that if you have fear that occurs in your life, then you need to realize the source of it and do something about it.  I think that when fear happens in our lives that we just do everything we can to “just get by” and dont really think about a strategy for overcoming fear.  Some things we need to consider…
1. fear is directly from the devil and is only as powerful as we let it be.
2. We have the ability to actually make our situation worse if we let fear control us. 
3. Fear is an emotional reaction and comes from us.  It is a demonic influence on our emotions.
4. Dont let the devil “feast” on the emotion of fear in your life. 

I an not saying I am a pro at dealing with fear, but if we are not getting better with dealing with the Spiritual realm then we are getting worse at it.

One thought on “fear is the tbone steak of the devil

  1. you are so right! I was just talking to yolanda about this last night at connect and also had to reply to a friend’s email today about it. I wrote to her:
    I’ve gone through some really deep healing for a “depression” I’d dealt with for almost 10 years. Hallelujah I got delivered and healed finally – the real root was fear and a loss of confidence in ministry that came in years ago when I went through a seemingly endless season of losses, loss of a lot of friends, loss of things, like my dream house, loss of income, loss of my health, loss of ministry, loss of my mom, loss of my place in my girl’s lives as they began to launch out on their own, etc. I thought for a long time it was just lingering sadness over all that which I couldn’t shake. Earlier this year, the Lord gave me a really cool word one morning just as I was waking up. The Holy Spirit asked me where I was in the dream I had just had. I knew immediately it was in Phoenix. As I answered that, He asked me what is a Phoenix? I said, “A mythical bird that as it flies, it burns up and becomes ashes and then rises up again out of the ashes.” I knew He was speaking resurrection to me. A week later at a counseling session the Lord showed me I was walled in behind a brick wall and Jesus was outside of it. He gave me a sledge hammer and the wall was broken down and He came in and joined me, saying I will be a wall of fire about you and the glory in your midst. Then I experienced this tremendous release/deliverance that actually shook my body. That old battle was finally over. I’ve been so different since then. ”
    Brian, I knew I had let fear get a foot hold 10 years ago but couldn’t get delivered with the usual spiritual warfare. After this experience I realized the lie I accepted with that fear was that I had been abandoned, by God and how would I survive. So I’ve learned I have to not only be aware of the emotion of fear coming at me but also discern the lie the enemy is trying to plant to undermine my relationship with the Lord. I love I John 4’s antidote for the poison of fear, perfect love. I remind myself of His presence and His faithfulness to never, never, never leave because of His perfect love for me.

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