I dont know what it is this year, but the olympics have my attention. The opening ceremony was unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen and was a technological wonder (and I know my technology). I was tearing up a bit during the medal ceremony for the Men’s 4×100 relay. The French were talking trash about how they were at the games to “crush” the American team. Not so little Frenchies. The will and determination of our team, who were underdogs, was an awesome thing to watch. Yolanda and I were screaming until our thoats were scratchy last night about 11:30pm. I am watching the Olympics this year with a different sense of American pride. I think its always good for the Olympics to come around every couple of years to remind us all of just what a great country we live in. We definitely have our problems but we live in the greatest country in the world and I am proud of it. Dont forget that when we get into the election season which is just around the corner. Whether you like or dislike the candidates, we have a democratic system that is setup to represent the people. Other countries around the world are not as fortunate as we are. God Bless America and let freedom ring. Has a nice tone doesnt it?

One thought on “the olympics

  1. We were up watching it too! It was a great scene at our house. Mark and I in our pajamas jumping on our bed shouting U-S-A at the top of our lungs! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    WE love the olympics!

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