I am in book writing and reflection mode in my life right now and I wanted to share a little nugget of truth from me to you.  In life, we will all go through something that is painful and will have to deal with the consequences of that pain.  I truly believe that pain should be seen as a way to prove what you are made of and not that pain makes who you are.  When we understand this simple principle we will learn to welcome challenges in our lives because they are not only opportunities to grow in our character but to learn something about ourselves we never knew.  You will either have pain happen so many times and never realize its inevitable and continue to let pain direct your life or you will welcome it with open arms and thank God for the chance to show him how much you are focused on eternity and not on the temporary.  I am not saying that pain doesn’t hurt because by its definition it does.  But when we realize that pain is as much a part of life as happiness then we have stepped over into a realm of understanding what our life should be; going thru things so that we can help others.  God designed us to be able to help others.  Learn it now or learn it later.  I choose now, shouldn’t you?

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