God has really been challenging me to get off the ol’ kiester and get more involved with him.  Not church, not a social outreach, not a video game, not more loud music for my stereo in my truck, not more friend requests (although facebook is DANG fun) but with him.  Its kind of hard to explain what I have been feeling the past few days.  I do think that some of this is coming from my book writing and being thankful I still have my eye and didn’t have to get it removed and still have some vision.  I really believe that when we start feeling better from being sick or mentally in a bad place that we can slack off in our pursuit of God.  Pain has an amazing way of keeping us close to God whether it is the prayer of desperation or the prayer of consecration.  If you are in a place of pain right now with your life please dont forget it.  That may sound like a stupid statement but if we cannot remember the pains of life then we will have no reference for where God has brought us.  I am determined to make my life count not just for others and seeing them start talking to God again or have hope to get through the crap of life, but to make my life and my relationship with Jesus better than it has ever been.  Dont just change the world around you with your story of hope, change YOUR world.

2 thoughts on “The ultimate challenge

  1. Ah, love it! I blogged about something similar as it relates to pain and remembering/thanking God… PIMPin’ for Jesus sheck it out man! BTW, I added your blog to my links 🙂

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