If you think about it, life is made up of decisions and those decisions give direction to the life you lead.  When you got up this morning, you decided what you were going to wear, what you were going to eat and what time you were going to be at work.  Today, you will have opportunities to get work done, get in trouble or just choose to be lazy.  We need to realize that we can say anything we want about who we think we are but our actions are going to either reinforce these beliefs or dispute them.  It is a reinforcement of the age old adage… actions speak louder than words.  I appreciate the verse in James 2:26 that talks about faith without works being dead.  We can all say we have “faith” in God but do our actions prove this point?  We can say we love our spouse but do our actions show it with the things we do including guarding our hearts and minds from emotionally cheating on them?  Those are some of the daily decisions we need to make that will determine the direction, focus and strength in life.  If we always say, “yeah, I know I need to do better with…” and dont DO anything different with our actions then we will stay stuck in life.  We can say we need to change something in our life, but until we put the actions behind our words we are as good as lying.  I know that God did not create me to be a liar and to be a “man of my word.”  The reason why anyone can say they are a man or woman of their word is that they have the actions to back it up.  The kind of people who change the world around them are true to their word and have actions to back up what they say.  We can never be perfect in this life but need to address the question in each of our lives; are we changing our world today?

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