I was thinking the other day about how my life makes a difference in other people’s lives and was fairly disappointed.  My wife always tells me that I have had a great influence in many teens lives and people that I have come in contact with through the years but just didn’t have that sense of fulfillment of really impacting people’s lives.  In life I believe we do too much comparing of gifts that we see in people instead of just asking God to use us where we are and to touch the people we have around us.  One thing I started last week with my Facebook friends was to pick one day out of the week and ask for prayer requests from them.  I really dont think FB is used to its fullest by telling people “Brian Morris is going to eat a PB&J and watch some Matlock.”  I had a revelation that my friends on FB need me to pray for their needs as much as I want them to know about the minutia of my life.  I also just talked to Thomas Nelson Publisher about picking up my book I am writing about the things God showed me through my eye situation.  I am excited and a little nervous about it but know that my heart is really just to see people find God again and to realize that being mad or sad about crap that happens in their life does not improve the quality of it.  
I want to challenge every person that reads this blog to evaluate their lives and what they do in this world that matters to others.  Not just your family, although that is a wonderful start.  When I die someday I want to not be remembered as the “funny guy” or the “life of the party” or even the “one who had all the right spiritual and practical answers”.  I want to be known as someone who made a difference in people’s lives to the point that they considered changing something about themselves that changed THIER world.  It really is the greatest legacy that anyone can leave; that He loved Jesus and made a difference in people’s lives.  There is nothing else.

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