Pastor Sarah preached yesterday at the church and this point really stuck out to me.  We are starting our series on small groups called Living IN Community or “LINC” and she made a statement that when I heard it just made sense.  She said that in the Bible, heaven is usually referred to in a plural sense.  This struck me because I also remembered that hell is referred to continually in scripture as total aloneness or isolation.  If we think of these two thoughts on a macroscopic scale, heaven is about relationships and connecting humans to help enhance lives with a sense of community and a hope of spending eternity with Jesus.  Hell, on the other hand, is about isolation and seperating people so they will feel defeated and give up.  I know the lowest points in my life have always been when I felt alone or didnt feel like I had someone to talk to or connect with.  If you dont attend church then start.  If you attend church, volunteer and get involved in a small group of people.  Jesus only wants the best for you which includes feeling like you are not alone in this life and doing it all on your own.  The devil wants to steal, kill and destroy but he can only do that by isolation.  Every church I know has issues.  But don’t let that stop you from connecting to others who have issues just like you and I do. 🙂

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