I was talking with a guy on my airplane flight home about the health care plan that is being proposed for the US by President Obama. He said that he actually voted for Obama but had “voters regret” with some of the choices the president has made in recent days concerning the health care of America. We were talking about the “prioritization” of health needs that would be in the current version of the health bill which led me to share with him about my eye condition I had and that I would have probably lost my eye if I was “prioritized” under the national health care being proposed. I am a firm believer that there must be some sort of reform in healthcare because of the wicked medical bills my wife and I have endured for the past 5 years and the crushing blow of getting sick and especially the doctors not knowing what was causing my sickness. After I settled into my seat for the remainder of my flight I felt like I had a moment with God sharing something with me. Please hear me; I DO NOT want the current health care bill to pass, but what an amazing opportunity for the church of Christ and Christians to pray for people and their healing if something like the proposed plan would go through. I believe the Bible when it talks about future events that need to happen before Jesus comes again but I think we have a hard time believing it would be in our lifetime. Can you imagine it? The healthcare bill goes through, people are denied care from their doctors because of some government regulation in place so all they have is having a Bible believing person ready to pray for them and Expect them to be healed. Talk about amazing testimonies from all around America! They would be on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, local, national and even probably world news. I really feel like God put this thought in my mind because of an incease of trust I need to have with God and nothing else. As a Christian I need to do my part to let my voice be heard when I disagree with decisions my government chooses, but at the same time, I don’t want to stand in the way of God having a greater plan for us and this country than we could even imagine, dream or think. I only pray that God increases our faith to a point that if we as Christians are called on to lift those kinds of prayers that we will not let the United States of America down. That may just be the hour of thier greatest need. I am now not praying for the healthcare bill to fail, but for God to have his way in this country. Are you with me?

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