I am not a Christian anymore.  Maybe that sounds odd for a pastor to say something like this, but I had a type of epiphany this morning in my prayer time.  I was reviewing and thinking about the meaning of the word “Christian” to people who dont know Christ as their best friend and savior.  I am tired of R&B artists dropping F bombs and talking about inappropriate things in their music and then thanking God when they accept some award for a song or video they did.  I am tired of celebrities saying they are Christians on national television or wearing Christian t shirts and cursing and not living a witnessing life around others.  I am not saying that being a follower of Christ is being perfect, but it is following ONLY Christ and recognizing the sacrifices Jesus has made for my sins.  I really dont want people around me who are not Christians to look at me and see perfection because that is not what Christianity is about.  It is about loving all people with the love of Christ, constantly becoming more patient when I drive, or talking to God so much that I dont react to a situation but I step back, think about what I am doing and make sure it lines up with the Word of God and considering what Jesus would do in that situation.  I want to be known as a follower of Christ.  Not a man of perfection, but a human who follows a God that I know has my best interests in mind no matter what I go through.  That he is ordering my steps even though, at times, it feels like I am not able to take those steps.  I dont want people around me who are pre-believers to think that I take into account confucious’ positive sayings, or motivational speakers/life coaches helpful words for living a more successful life.  Being a follower of Christ is treating my wife with respect and love, being patient/loving with people around me and honoring those in authority over me as much as it is praying nice prayers and reading the Word of God on a daily basis.  God make me a complete person in the Fruits of the Spirit as much as the Gifts of the Spirit that I have in my life.

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