Today we got to see the orphans and it was great. We toured the orphanage today and talked about some of the immediate needs including a solar panel so they will have power during the power outages. The said in a couple of weeks they are going to be without power for up to 20 HOURS a day! Dang we have it easy in the states. Our dollar goes so far here too. $1 is worth 75 rupies here and we are really praying about how to help them. I will be helping people be able to connect to CTN (my father in laws TV ministry) to be able to give and support the work they are doing here. I know that I am getting a better perspective on money and the comforts of living in the USA and Yolanda and I will be increasing the amount we give each month to support the orphanage. Please continue to pray for us on the trip. So much to do and so little amount of time.

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