Everyone knows Good Friday and Easter Sunday but what about today? Saturday, in the Easter weekend, is the day that bridges the gap between Jesus being crucified and raising from the dead.  I mentioned on a Facebook post yesterday that Good Friday is the day of hope in knowing that God is cookin things behind the scenes even when you think things are over. To me, today represents the importance of patience and waitng on God and HANGING ON to that hope of a heavenly plan in the face of silence. I think back on my life and how many times I have made “good” decisions and not “God” decisions because I was impatient instead of waiting on the victory Jesus had for me. My personality is one of impatience at times. Wanting to “help God out” with good actions instead of praying and waitng on Him and his timing. Silence with God is not always a “yes” or a “no” but literally a “wait” which is against our culture of  “now” and instant gratification. Today, think about your life and the things you have not seen come to completion. Just as yesterday was a day of hope that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf, today needs to be the day of learning patience and waitng on the victory! Have a great Saturday and enjoy your Easter Sunday tomorrow! Praying for you.

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