Update_1I wanted to officially update everyone on the orphanage in Nepal and what has been going on. It has been AMAZING the love, prayer and financial support we have received from people everywhere. We know that this will be a time of rebuilding and also listening to the Holy Spirit to see what new relationships we can make in the community of Kathmandu and our orphanage by spreading the love of Jesus in a practical and needed way. 
I had a call this morning with our orphanage manager and from all the reports of destruction I have some great testimonies to share and God’s amazing protection in the midst of the chaos. First, and most importantly, all the kids, families and their extended families are safe. This is amazing considering we have 36 people in our orphanage (with kids, families and the managers and their kids) and four kids as well that are older and have moved out of the home and THEIR families. We do have some older grandparents that are dealing with health issues but not related to the earthquake and could use our prayers. Of all the horror stories we are hearing coming from Nepal, they are all safe which is a testament of God’s protection.
They have food and water but are still in need of tents for everyone because of the rains that happen this time of year. There is also some structural damage to the boys home and we want to keep all the kids and families together for safety as well as all the aftershocks that have been occurring. We think the manager’s house and the girl’s home are safe with no apparent structural damage which is another testament to God’s protection when we see the condition of many buildings that have fallen or are ready to collapse.
The orphanage is well connected to a church there and we are looking for additional opportunities to reach out to people in the area affected by the quake. 
Our orphanage managers are organizing trips into the areas of destruction to get the older kids out and helping other people. They have an amazing heart to see the kids not just concerned and thinking about their own preservation (which can happen with orphans) but the importance of being “Jesus with skin on” to the community. Our heart is that we don’t treat the kids as “orphans” but as young men and women that have awesome God-given destinies and a second chance at life to make a difference in their world.
The country of Nepal is only 2% Christian and I believe that God can open opportunities for us to influence the country for Jesus after this disaster with the pure awesome and relentless power of the LOVE of Jesus. 
We are going to be getting a better estimate of the cost of tents, blankets and other essential items in the next couple of days but please continue to pray and if you can give that would be awesome. We will continue to accept donations at RockyMountainCTN.com on the home page not only for our kids and orphanage but also for opportunities to show the love of Jesus in the community.
EVERY penny you give to the orphanage for the relief efforts goes to our kids and people in need. There are NO operational costs or other things attached to the money so you know that 100% of your giving is getting to the people who need it. Thanks and I will give another update as soon as I hear more information.

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