I have the sweetest ipod of them all; the ipod Touch. It is so sweet and I would consider it my favorite gadget. It has the internet on it, pictures from past trips and even youtube for watching all those people that think they are “famous” but in reality we are just laughing at them and thinking they are idiots. (mental note, NEVER publish any video of myself doing the “trombone dance”, singing “Chocolate rain” or have a camera around where i could possibly make a fool of myself). Anyway, i was thinking about how my ipod “talks” to me and the things that I listen to. Do you realize that you picked the songs that you listen to on your ipod? (I know. This is news to some of you) And did you realize that those songs “talk to you” when you listen to them? I think it is really interesting to take a snapshot look at your ipod and see what you are filling your mind with. Even more, think about the kind of music you listen to when you are in a certain mood. I am only saying this because, A. This is my blog and I can say whateva I want to and B. I only want to challenge you to consider the kind of things that you put in your body mentally. Dont forget that your mind is just as important to take care of as the rest of your body and you want your ipod telling you things that lift you up and not just allowing it to sing in your ear songs because you “like the beat”. Phillipians 4:8 (…if anything is excellent or praiseworthy (to God that is) think on such things)

3 thoughts on “my ipod talks to me

  1. So, does that mean you’re done with Paul Oakenfold?? Not saying this to harass you, but I was at Lollicup a few weeks back and there was a flyer for a concert he had here in early June and I thought of you cause I remember you like trance music (more the instrumental than the vocal, right?). Which brings me to my next question, what about music like that that has no lyrics, per se, but just instruments? Do “Secular” instrumentals fall into that same category as “secular” vocal music? (Again, not picking on you, but this has been on my mind lately.)
    Cause artists have some sort of inspiration when creating THEIR art. They just don’t create mindlessly (even if there’s no definite purpose, there’s always subconscious meaning). So, a secular artist that creates an instrumental (and I’m thinking along the lines of the electronica genre) creates with inspiration… maybe he created that beat cause he was thinking of a loved one, or maybe it was a sunny day, or maybe it was sex, or drugs, or a news story…etc. etc. etc. So, an artist that deviates from direct God inspiration (or positive influence) and draws it from something less meaningful (or something “wrong”), does that feed the listening mind the wrong thing too, even though there are no words?? (and yeah, I used to use “I just like the beat excuse many and many of times! LOL).

    To be specific (I probably should just email you or call, but hey, it may provoke further discussion), I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve weened myself off of worldly rap music (I liked the beat… lol). And, a big reason for this was due to a friend of mine turning me onto some electronica music (not trance per se, but electronica none the less). Some of it has lyrics that are harmless in nature (“poor Leno, where you’ll be I’ll go, where you go, I’ll find you…” I have no idea what that means or what a Lee-no is), and some of it is just instrumental (“Telefone Tel Aviv “Fahrenheit Fair Enough” — so, the temperature is just right?? where were you when the temperature was just right, at the clubs, after church>>???? etc. etc. etc.). You get my drift.

    So, here’s the thing that (kind of) ties it up. I’ve been having to retrain myself to read my Bible first thing in the morning, and not just in the afternoon or late at night. Well, when I succeeded today, I found myself just wanting to listen to my Christian artists, and the new stuff didn’t really appeal to me today (I still like it, but it was less preferable). So, where does that fit in??
    Does instrumental carry a spiritual presence like vocal music does (and my answer is YES because, I’ve felt the spiritual pressure from walking down the secular aisle at Walmart one time after getting back from camp and being freed from all the crap I was listening too… and by the way, it was the most awful spiritual attack I’d felt,… I had to have my Grandma come pray with me just so I could sleep that night… Funny thing is, I didn’t learn from that experience the first time). ((and what about love songs you share with your loved one?))

    Maybe I just answered my own question here, and I know this doesn’t (and does) need to be a battle for every Christian out there cause we all have our own walks. I’m glad you posted this blog, cause it got me thinking. Only question is, where does that leave me… do I keep my newly acquired diverted distraction music to keep me from going back to Secular hiphop, or cut both off and stick to the Christian music (is the new music like the nicotine patch for the quiting “smoker”?). Or, is the instrumental/harmless vocal music OK and I’m fine with it as long as I balance out my input/feeding with God music? (eating sweets and meat).

    I should’ve just posted my own blog, but thanks for posting what your heart lead you to post!

  2. PS. (and I’ll keep this one shorter (relatively))

    Is your iPod Touch Jailbroken, cause if it isn’t, you are missing out on some really fun 3rd party apps!!! I’ve seen the light, though, it may shatter when the new app store opens (I’m guessing all the 3rd party free app developers will want a chunk of change now).

    And, I so want an iPod Touch! But, I may wait til the new iPhone comes out, buy that, activate it (no phone service though), and have me an iPod touch with speakerphone and camera!! Plus, it’ll be ALOT cheaper!

    POINT OF MESSAGE: Jailbreak your iTouch; you’ll might love it!

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