I just did a wedding today up in Conifer for a kid that was in my youth group here.  It was a nice little short ceremony with all the fixin’s.  I thought many things today as I was officiating the ceremony; I have a great wife and am still happy to be married after 14 years, I feel old because I am marrying kids from my youth group here in Denver and that I am praying for Scott and Toni because she is pregnant and they have only been married two years (I just accidentally typed in “tears” instead of “years”.  That’s funny and it must have been a sign)  I thought about the fact that Yolanda and I have both never wanted kids in our years of marriage.  We love kids, but just other people’s kids.  I do think that we would make great parents (can you imagine a little Brian running around?  There would probably be some kind of tear in the space time continum) The reason why I bring this up is that Yolanda and I have had to know for us that it was not right to have kids.  Believe me, we have gotten plenty of pressure through the years to have kids from “you guys are too selfish” to “we want some grand-babies”.  I say this because many times in the church we can mistake spiritual advise as spiritual direction for our lives.  You need to recognize the difference and trust that God can speak to you about anything and that you dont have to have a “word from the Lord” from someone in the church.  If you have kids, then God bless you (and I will be praying for you because I was a youth pastor and I know things) but if you dont, then dont feel like you are odd if you and your spouse haven’t made that mutual decision.  Whew!  A wedding can bring so many things up in a mind.

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