I have decided to post star wars kid on my blog for a few sundays in a row.  I do think that God wants us to have a good laugh now and then and I think that most people have seen these star wars kid clips but they are good for the soul to watch.  Star Wars kid is a kid from Canada who filmed himself practicing star wars moves with a golf ball retriever pole and his friends found the tape and put it on the internet.  He became an instant star and so there are people that take his basic footage and put it to music and video to “enhance the experience.  This first clip is the original clip that the friends posted on the web and the second clip is a classic clip from star wars and the star wars kid is in it.  All I have to say is…enjoy.

3 thoughts on “I have decided to have “star wars kid sundays”

  1. He should come out with a Star Wars Kid Workout DVD. I’m sure that whole repitoire works the body good (like milk).

    QUICK QUESTION!!!! Ever been to COWBOBAS?? it’s a place that serves Bobas and Steak!

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