Yolanda misplaced her wedding ring the beginning of this week. I went into a frenzy trying to find it in our house. Yolanda had prayed about it and asked God to show her where it was at. Before this happened this week, I kind of thought those types of stories that people share were cheesy but not anymore. I definitely believed in God helping you with things, but when this happened i learned some valuable lessons in my own life.

1. I still dont think that I trust God as much as I think I do. I prayed about it but i think I was just doing it out of a sense of religious responsibility instead out of a heart that knew God would take care of it.

2. I may like money and possessions a little too much still. When Yolanda said she couldnt find her ring the first thing I thought was, ” holy crap. That thing is not cheap” not, ” wow, Yolanda loves that ring because one of the diamonds in it was her mothers and the other was the one I gave her on our wedding day.”

3. I dont look for the Lost of Denver the way I looked for that ring. I was definitely motivated to look for that ring because I knew it had value. I think God wants me to see the value of the lost of Denver and do my part to search for them. I am a pastor, but I sometimes hide behind my title instead of standing up for Jesus because I am a man of God FIRST.

This little episode taught me some things about myself that I didn’t really know. It is funny how a thing like a lost wedding ring can expose the truth about a person and their walk with God.

3 thoughts on “the lost shall be found

  1. Judi, you’re missing the point. 🙂

    Hunt them you hound, cause the lost have been bought at a great price, but they just don’t know it yet…


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