Welcome back to Holy Crap! If you took my worry challenge from yesterday, I will BET you didn’t have to “set you mind” to worry about your situation and be intentional one bit.
I will venture to guess that it came very easily in the course of the day.

I wanted you to understand that worrying can ONLY make things worse in life and have no real value except to let your mind wander and play out all kinds of terrible scenarios that will probably never happen. I

have a section of the Holy Crap book where I talk about expecting bad things to happen in life. The only way we can break that thinking is to commit our minds and heart to Jesus and His power each day. This does not change the situation or maybe even make it better but what is does is gives us a heart and mind set on things ABOVE and not things on this earth.

Today, expect the best all day, every minute and every hour. I will guarantee your perspective will change and may even find someone ELSE to encourage because you are not busy obsessing about your own crap. Have a GREAT day and know you have a friend who is praying for you to make it.

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