So many people posting on Facebook and other social media sites about the past couple of days and the turmoil in our country. First and foremost, only God can fix what is happening in our country right now but I wanted to throw out a few complicated suggestions for us all. 

1. Smile at a stranger.

This isn’t for some ulterior motive. Just smile. You would be AMAZED how many people smile back! 

2. Look for opportunities to love instead of hate. 

For me, Jesus was ALL about love that was reckless and unconditional and I want to walk in His steps.

3. Stop thinking that anything you do won’t make a difference.

Never forget that we ARE culture. Change ourselves and we change culture. 

I am committed to pray for our country, what seems to be misguided leadership and all the people groups who make up this great country. Have a great weekend and believing that our BEST days are ahead for ALL Americans.

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